Monday, July 13, 2009

Band I'm Obsessed with: Grizzly Bear

These guys are ballers

So pretty much these guys have been playing on my computer, ipod and all other music playing devices for the last few weeks. They have exactly the same type of drony, melodic stuff that I have been listening to lately. Wikipedia describes them as being experimental or folk rock which is a pretty wide category. I really don't understand most musical genres anway especially when it comes to so called "indie" music. Indie is so "in" now anyway its not as if most of the popular bands they give that tag aren't signed to major labels anyway giving it even less meaning.

Of their three full studio releases their two most recent albums (Yellow House 2006, Veckatimest 2009) are especially awesome. They also have some really interesting music videos which can be found on youtube. I particularly like the video for "Knife" from their Yellow House record and "Two Step" from their newest Veckatimest. Listen to them, don't question it.

Me Vs. Time

About a week until everything goes into full reset mode. I'll be back living with my parents for what I hope will be a quick tour of duty and then back here to SJ if all goes well. Lindsay is supposed to be leaving this weekend and me likely a week after that. That leaves me here alone for a week. Not working nearly enough to keep myself busy. I'm sure the bored loneliness will be stifling. The last thing I need right now too much time to think about my situation. Its going to be depressing packing up all of our stuff and knowing that its going to two different places. Her birthday is on the 29th and we're gonna go to Santa Cruz so at least we'll get to come back one last time and say goodbye to this shit hole.

: D

: )

This is what its supposed to look like. Fuck Dion Phaneuf.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shomer Fucking Shabbos

It really just doesn't get any better than this movie.

Mores Coors Prease

I have been so in love with this beer over the last month or so. Lindsay hates it but hey, without a doubt the king of the cheap "American" beers. I use quotes because almost all of the major beer companies in the United States were founded and fashioned by Germans. Even Dos Equis and Tecate were German owned and operated. Whatever the story this stuff is tasty.


I love how creative this guy is with his names. Talibanstan priceless.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Photo Shoot

Add this to your first impression of me. A little portrait.

Shiny new music player has arrived.

Thought this was pretty cool found it on stumble.

Third times a charm...

Three blogs, one account, none made it past the first posting. I guess we'll see where we get with this one. For brevity's sake lets go ahead and skip the awkward "Getting to know you" phase and get right to the good stuff. I've recently stepped in a huge pile of shit and my life is starting to unravel a bit at the edges but hey, I can't complain. I guess one could say that I'm about as happy as someone who is about to move back in with their parents for a couple months after 5+ years of liberation can be. The fantastic news is that the lease on my apartment is finally about to expire. This lease has been like a yoke, a horrible burden which only time and exorbitant amounts of money can quell.

Lately I've become a bit obsessed with the idea of "the vicious cycle". At a time like this all I can see are vicious cycles in everything I do. My latest encounter was quite fun as they always seem to be. I just started a new job as a Therapist for a local autism intervention organization. This job requires quite a bit of driving so its important that I have a functional vehicle and the accompanying insurance. Did I mention that I'm like hobo poor right now? Yeah so of course they make me give proof of insurance all that before I can begin my training. About a week after everything has been approved and I'm on my way to getting back on my feet they send me an e-mail telling me that I needed to update my insurance because it expires 7/9/09. My predicament is of course that I don't have the money to pay for new insurance (See ridiculously overpriced rental agreement above). I had no choice but to ignore the e-mail and hope that they would forget until I could take care of it. Time passes, I start my on the job training and everything is going great. I'm happy and beginning to think that they don't care and that I wont have to provide any proof of insurance to them. Wrong. They threaten to cancel my sessions because my truck is no longer insured.

This brings us back to the vicious circle thing. I can't pay for my new insurance because I don't have money. I can't make money unless I render services through them. No Insurance= No Sessions= No Money= No Insurance. Gotta love that reasoning.