Monday, July 13, 2009

Band I'm Obsessed with: Grizzly Bear

These guys are ballers

So pretty much these guys have been playing on my computer, ipod and all other music playing devices for the last few weeks. They have exactly the same type of drony, melodic stuff that I have been listening to lately. Wikipedia describes them as being experimental or folk rock which is a pretty wide category. I really don't understand most musical genres anway especially when it comes to so called "indie" music. Indie is so "in" now anyway its not as if most of the popular bands they give that tag aren't signed to major labels anyway giving it even less meaning.

Of their three full studio releases their two most recent albums (Yellow House 2006, Veckatimest 2009) are especially awesome. They also have some really interesting music videos which can be found on youtube. I particularly like the video for "Knife" from their Yellow House record and "Two Step" from their newest Veckatimest. Listen to them, don't question it.